Saturday, June 4, 2011

Burlesque (2010) PG13 - 3½ Stars

I always love Cher in anything she does and she still looks great and can belt out a tune after all these years. Also starring Christina Aguilera, I've never been one of her biggest fan but this movie gave me new respect for her. That girl can sing her heart out, and dos a pretty good job of acting too. Aguilera plays a girl from Iowa looking for the chance to make it big in Hollywood. She buys a one way ticket to Los Angeles and walks into a Burlesque bar, feeling completely drawn in. So much so, she grabs a tray, starts waiting tables for free, all just to be close to the experience while she dreams of her chance to get up on stage. I love the title song and gotta put this one in my musical category. It's not a musical but it has so many good songs and singing, it's gotta go there. Nicely done.

Ali, (Christina Aguilera), is a small time girl from Iowa working a dead end job in need of a change. She packs up her things and gets a one way ticket to Los Angeles in search of a venue to strut her stuff. She stumbles upon The Burlesque Lounge on the Sunset Strip. Intrigued with the show, she can visualize herself on stage if given half the chance. She feels it so bad, she grabs a tray and begins to wait tables at no charge, just to be close. Club owner Tess,(Cher), sees her persistence and eagerness, and hires her as a waitress. You never know if another girl is needed as one of Tess's best girls Nikki,(Kristen Bell), has been screwing up a lot. The burlesque club is Tess's passion and it's financially struggling to stay afloat. What Tess needs is a miracle.

When Nikki pisses Tess off for the last time, Ali comes aboard to fill her shoes. Surprisingly to all, Ali has a ginormous voice that fills the house. Even Jack, (Cam Gigandet), the engaged bartender, sits up to take notice. But it's a little too much too late and Tess and Ali are forced to put their heads together to save the club before the doors are closed for good.

2010 - Hollywood Foreign Press Association - Best Original Song

De Line Pictures, Sony Pictures Releasing
Director: Steve Antin
Writers: Steve Antin, Susannah Grant
Producer: Donald De Line
I viewed 5/11

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