Sunday, November 20, 2011

Circle of Eight (2009) NR - 1 Star

Can someone please tell me why movies like this are made? These eight people are all dead and still invade the apartment building they died in due to a fire. All thanks to Jessica, who can't seem to make the right decision to break the cycle of their souls lingering around the hallways. Why make half of the characters a bit on the freaky side and the rest all yuppy's living in a scummy run down building. They all should have been freaks. And just one day after New Years countdown, Jessica is already back moving in. Confused, you're not alone. Almost like a bunch of your friends got together and made a film for a school project.

Jessica (Austin Highsmith), moves into the seemingly fair shaped Dante apartment building where a twenty something crowd resides. She quickly is advised by the manager Ed (John Bishop), of the rules and how to make nice with the other neighbors. Jessica notices one creepy tenant Randal (DJ Qualls), holding a camcorder and filming her every move. Out of the dark halls, appears a very artistic Evan (Ryan Doom) to somewhat save her. She also meets Elaine (Katie Lowes), Bale (Josh Kelly), sexy India (Natashia Williams), and Pretty boy Damon (Jesse Johnson). As Jessica becomes more adjusted to her new home, she finds her neighbors are brutally dying all around her. The more she tries to make sense of it all, the more she discovers her connection to the Dante.

Bronson Avenue, Milchan / Van Eyssen, Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment
Director: Stephen Cragg
Writers: David Brewman, Brian Horiuchi
Producers: David Van Eyssen, Alexandra Milchan
I viewed 4/11

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