Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shuttle (2008) R - 3 Stars

For a B movie, I actually found myself involved in the journey of two single girls, kidnapped by a shuttle driver, fighting for their lives. I think the female characters were decent and I felt myself feeling identifying with them as I have felt vulnerable when traveling taking a shuttle late night by myself. The girls have no idea they have just stepped into a human trafficking ring. Now, they struggle to stay alive as thy are selected to become slaves in another part of the world.

Jules (Cameron Goodman), and Mel (Peyton List), have just returned from a girls getaway on a late flight and where most people have already gone home. The wait for an airport shuttle in the rain and find drivers competing with the prices for their patronage. Matt (Dave Power), and Seth (James Snyder), are also at the airport trying to put the moves on the young girls. They all decide to join the same shuttle to get to know each other. The driver (Tony Curran), seems very friendly and helpful and another man, Andy (Cullen Douglas), is a passenger already aboard the bus. As the small groups heads off into the wet night, they have no idea whats in store for them just around the next corner.

Zero Gravity Management
Director: Edward Anderson
Writer: Edward Anderson
Producers: Allan Jones, Mark Williams, Todd Lemley
I viewed 5/11

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