Saturday, February 25, 2012

Monster (2008) NR - 1½ Stars

I gotta say folks, this is one of the worst monster movies of modern times. Shot in a Blair Witch, Cloverfield, type format, this movie really stinks. Here's what you do. Give two fairly decent looking girls a camera , break the switch so it turns on and off randomly, throw in a few Japanese friends willing to lower their dignity and a squishy octopus you rarely see and yes you too can make a movie. Supposedly, this footage has been found two years after Tokoyo Japan is reported to have had a major earthquake.

The so called "monster" you never really even see. I think they could have done so much better with some sort of special effects that at least focus on the ministering menace. Oh yeah, it's an octopus but it leaves underground like a giant worm? I'm confused but I guess I've seen worse.

After a massive earthquake hits Tokoyo Japan, thousands are dead. The world chocks it up to just another earthquake in that part of the country. But two years later, tapes are found belonging to sisters Erin Lynch(Erin Evans), and Sarah Lynch (Sarah Lieving), documenting what really happened to the town as they captured while on and expedition to report on global warming.

The Global Asylum
Director: Erik Estenberg
Writer: Erik Estenberg
Producers: Jeff Cagle, Paul Bales
I viewed 2/12

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