Thursday, March 8, 2012

Apollo 18 (2011) PG13 - 2½ Stars

I have mixed emotions about this film. On one hand, I love thrillers that involve monsters and for that fact alone, the movie intrigued me to pay close attention. On the other hand, even though some of the shots are re-created of the moon fairly well, you have to say WTF to the tease on the box that the movie was made from actual footage. Though the movie did give me the heebee jeebees a few times, I was disappointed when the "evil" appeared as I had envisioned it a whole lot differently. This film could have been so much more as the story line is an interesting topic but I feel the creators blew it by trying to promote it as actual footage rather than focus on special effects. The effort should have been made jazzing it to more of a "War of the Worlds" epic. It's a decent attempt at capturing the era, just not executed very well. Anymore said would be a spoiler to those who want to see it. I guess I have to put it in my based on a true story category as that's what the box says.

Found old footage from NASA's 1974 top secret Apollo 18 mission, is exposed to show why the United States has never made another trip to the moon. Astronauts Ben Anderson (Warren Christie), John Grey (Ryan Robbins) and Nate (Lloyd Owen) set out for what they are told is a top secret mission back to the moon. Instead, they find out just why we have never been back.

Dimension Films, Bekmambetov Projects Ltd. (BPL), Apollo 18 Productions
Director: Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego
Writer: Brian Miller
Producers: Michele Wolkoff, Timur Bekmambetov, Cody Zwieg
I viewed 1/12

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