Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Green Rush (2008) NR - 3 Stars

A short documentary peeking into the lives of marijuana growers in Northern California. To protect their identity, bandannas are worn and their names known only by the colors they wear. Mr. Red, Mr. Blue, Mr. Yellow, and Mrs. Pink are just a handful of pot growers who passionately take you on a journey through their struggles to make a living at growing some of the highest yield crops. Even though they legally, under California law, can grow up to a certain number of crops for medicinal use, their constant battle with local invaders, and the constant threat of DEA agents flying over their crops, are always with them. They grow because of their love for the green. Some consider this their only means of financial support and their crops are very important to their existence in the back woods of California. These growers are against larger organized farmers that come in and plant thousands of crops, calling way too much attention to their private fields. Even though the local state enforcers are sympathetic to these growers needs, then can not enforce any protection to them from theft and DEA fly overs.

Bunch Casseday Productions, Living The Dream Productions
Director: Jason S. Edwards
Writers: Geoff Bunch, Casey Casseday, Ryan Wise
Producers: Jay Allen, Geoff Bunch, Casey Casseday, Ryan Wise
I viewed 2/12

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