Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Jersey Drive (1995) R - 3½ Stars

This movie grew on me as it's very realistic. Even though the lifestyle of the main character would be what I consider a "little shit", the movie does a good job of involving you in the peer pressure of running with the wrong crowd, and you really feel for him. Set in the New Jersey low income projects, young teen boys hang together to form a brotherhood of crime. Stealing car, they keep getting away with it till the corrupt police take matters into their own hands. Growing up quite a bit differently, I found myself on the same ride as the boys as they steal cars and get into trouble, mostly just for kicks.

Jason (Sharron Corley), is a young troubled teen growing up in Newark,  New Jersey projects. Though his mother Rene (Gwen McGee), aches for him to stay in school and become something better than where he's from, Jason lies and hangs on the streets with his boys. Along with Midget (Gabriel Casseus), Roscoe (Saul Stein), Tiny Dime (Donald Faison), P-Nut (Conrad Meertins Jr.), Ritchie (Andre Moore) and the other boys, spend their days and nights drinking and stealing cars. They keep getting away with it so they step up their challenges on better cars, even once stealing a police car. But Officer Roscoe (Saul Stein), and some of his corrupt force, retaliate ending up with injury, jail and for some, death

40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks
Directors: Howard McMaster, Nick Gomez
Writers: Michel Marriott, Nick Gomez
Producers: Larry Meistrich, Bob Gosse
I viewed 2/12

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