Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Growing Op (2008) NR - 3 Stars

If you can be patient with this movie and not rush to judge, it does get better at the end. Hippy parents home school their kids to keep them away from the evils of the world. With a twist at the end, it's an interesting story about a young boy's struggle, trying to be normal when his parents grow pot for a living out of their home. Never having let an outsider in, the parents also struggle with letting their grown son leave the nest to discover love. Decent acting and story line once it gets going.

Quinn (Steven Yaffee), feels trapped in his own home. Both he and his sister Hope (Katie Boland), are home schooled. Parents Diana (Rosanna Arquette), and Bryce (Wallace Langham), grow marijuana in every room of their house, making it impossible for the children to lead a normal life. Hope has found a way to make it work while Quinn takes his knowledge of growing tips to the neighborhood doing odd gardening job as he yearns for something more. When Crystal (Rachel Blanchard), the pretty girl he's always dreamed of, moves in across the street he immediately ditches his gardening duties and gets himself enrolled in school to be close to her.

Quinn doesn't fit into molds of normal teen life and he soon finds himself on the wrong end of the high school jock that has his eyes on Crystal. He'll stop at nothing to make sure this "geek" Quinn doesn't rob him of his trophy. Quinn wishes he had learned that not to trust, as his lack of hormonal interchange brings his entire family down.

Cineast Screen Developments, Cinimage, Emotion Pictures, Middlefish Films
Director: Michael Melski
Writer: Michael Melski
Producers: Michael Melski, Monique LeBlanc, Rick Warden
I viewed 3/11

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