Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kshay (2011) NR - 4 Stars

One of the best things about writing my movie review blog is sometimes I am asked to preview new movies before the general public. That's the case with this great find from India. The film just played last Saturday the 14th of April at 930 PM at the Arclight Hollywood for the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (www.indianfilmfestival.org). I wish I would have been able to have this review on line before the showing to encourage more movie goers to attend while it was here in Hollywood.

Kshay, aka Corrode, is beautifully shot in rich tones of black and white and directed by first-time filmmaker Karan Gour. Featuring Chhaya (Rasika Dugal), as a young wife who's obsession with a statue of the Hindu Goddess, Lakshmi, is taking control of her life. A young sculptor (Adityavardhan Gupta), carved a larger than life unfinished stone Lakshmi which Chhaya instantly forms a deep bond with as if fulfilling some need lacking from her simple life. While she awaits her husband Arvind (Alekh Sangal), to finish his business next door, she fantasizes of having this expensive icon before more eyes can gaze upon it. Now, she must convince Arvind to spend money this young couple can not afford. Rough times have taken their toll in Arvind's career and his boss Bapu (Sudhir Pednekar), holds back pay for work already completed. The couple is barely surviving paying rent and meager meals so Arvind looks into another line of work. But this statue has left such a mark on Chhaya, she's willing to sacrifice everything to have this Lakshmi for her own.

I thought Dugal's character was starting out a little weak but as the movie progresses, I'm convinced she's obsessed. I really loved her realistic performance as a young woman on the edge. Produced on a micro budget, the strong imagery moves you in and out of scenes as the musical score lures you into insanity. Also starring (Nitika Anand) as Shruti, (Asit Redij) as Asif, (Ashwin Baluja) as Jamil and (Siddharth Bhatia) as Amay. If you foreign film lovers get the chance to view,you won't be disappointed. The movie leaves that very unsettling feeling that stays with you for awhile. In Hindu with English subtitles. The film has played in Chicago, Dubai, SAIFF and New York and you can read more at Kshay - the film.

Conjur Arts Media, Empatheia Films
Director: Karan Gour
Producer: Shaan Vyas, Karan Gour
Writer: Karan Gour
I viewed 4/12

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