Sunday, April 15, 2012

White Lightnin (2009) NR - 3 Stars

Perfect movie to watch after the documentary of "The Wild and Wonderful Whites." In black and white, this film focuses on Jesco White. After you listen to the family members in the above mentioned documentary, you get a good perspective into Jesco White's background.  I love the accompanying musical score for the movie. Hearing the voices that takes over Jesco's mind give a good impression of what one might be thinking having voices take over their mind. I thinking filming it in black and white adds to the gloom.

Living in Boon county West Virginia, the Whites have the notorious reputation for bringing out their worst in front of people. Growing up in the back woods of the West Virginia, papa D R White lays claim to a family of trouble. It wasn't his intention but growing up uneducated, he had feet did most of his talking. Famous for his back country shuffling tapping shoes, D R just wanted to make people happy by entertaining them. His young son Jesco found every opportunity for trouble, sniffing gas and paint for grins. Jesco was in and out of institution at his young age but the damage was already starting to take hold of his brain. When his father was killed by two local drunks for fun, Jesco pledges to avenge his father's death. But not before taking his father's tap dance routine on the road.

Film and Music Entertainment, Mainframe Productions, Filmfreak Distributie, Vice Films
Director: Dominic Murphy
Writers: Eddy Moretti, Shane Smith
I viewed 4/12

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