Friday, April 13, 2012

The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (2009) NR - 2½ Stars

This documentary is about one of the worst dysfunctional families I've ever seen. Even though it's not the most exciting documentary, you somehow can't stop watching it. The story allows a peek inside the lives of the "White family" of West Virginia. Trying not to judge will be real hard for the viewer as this entire family is one gigantic wreck. No one seems to have their act together,except maybe the father of the whole clan, D R White. D R was famous for his tapping shuffle style of dance and all he wanted to do was to make people smile with his clapping feet. D R forced this dance style upon his young son Jesco. For punishment after Jesco was caught sniffing paint, gas and lighter fluid his father would force him to learn how to mimic his fathers dance moves. Jesco grew up with brain damage but it didn't stop him from preforming like his father did. Unfortunately he also had the devil bred into him who could snap at slightest sign of trouble.

Becoming a product of their environment, the Whites are uneducated, living in the back hills, and no real enthusiasm of working their way out. Even the smallest of family members curse, hold up their middle finger and have already learned to hate and rebel against most everything as the mock their environment. Their lifestyle, attitudes, struggle with drugs make them the most reviled family in West Virginia. When you hear the words, "white trailer trash," you just might find them on page one.
Dickhouse Productions, MTV Studios, Tribeca Film
Director: Julien Nitzberg
Producer: Storm Taylor
I viewed 4/12

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