Friday, July 27, 2012

The Canyon (2009) R - 3½ Stars

I certainly was not expecting the ending of this film and I think that alone makes this a good movie. Really a mind screwer though the acting could been better. For example, I had a hard time believing Lori's character was so strong at first. The scene where she's battling the wolf could have been done much more convincing. But after her first two battles, you start to believe she is actually getting pissed off and ready to attack back and very realistic at the end. Reminds you to think twice about invading into natures territory.

A young couple Nick (Eion Bailey), and Lori (Yvonne Strahovski), have just eloped in Las Vegas. For a quick honeymoon, before they tell their friends and families, they take a drive to the Grand Canyon for a little sun and adventure. Their goal is to take a mule ride to the bottom of the canyon but everywhere they learn it's too late to get a permit to enter the canyon. They arrive at a local bar where they meet mountain man Henry (Will Patton), who tells them he can solve all their problems. After all, he's been exploring these canyons for years and knows them like the back of his hand. He also has an Indian friend that can arrange the mules and that specially neded permit. The couple agrees and the three set forth on the trip of a lifetime to the canyon floor.

Henry really knows his stuff and Nick wants to see it all so he agrees to go to another area of the canyon where ancient explorers have discovered caves unseen by most. The trip seems like a dream come true for Nick and Lori tags along supporting her new husband. Henry tells the couple ancient tales of the wolfs and crows that inhabit the area. But just around the next bend, they encounter rattle snakes who manage to get two could bites in on Henry. The scared mules run off down the canyon with Nick in fast pursuit. Unable to regain control of them, the threesome is left without food, water, medical kits or bedding and must make due this first night below the stars.

The next morning, Henry has not done well and with out the proper medical attention he succumbs to his poisonous system and dies. One lone wolf has been following the trio and eagerly awaits a tasty meal in Henry so the couple tries to bury him as best they can. Now they are left in the canyon without a guide and unaware of the proper path to get back. They have matches, a knife, cell phone with no service, chewing gum, chap stick and sun tan lotion. It's up to them to figure out which way they came in and back track their steps before the wolves show up looking for dessert.

Middle Fork Productions, Pierce/Williams Entertainment, Zero Gravity Management
Director: Richard Harrah
Writer: Steve Allrich
Producer: Mark Williams
I viewed 7/12

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