Monday, August 13, 2012

25th Hour (2002) R - 2½ Stars

Edward Norton is pretty good in this movie that really takes a long time to get going. A few different scenarios happen right away but you'll be damn if you know what they mean. Even after you do know what's going on, it makes no sense. I mean truly if the FBI comes into your house and finds kilos of drugs in your couch, bottom line is you're going to jail immediately. I don't think the movie explains well why he gets another 25 hours of freedom before they send him to jail. It's a decent film about relationships and since Spike Lee directed it, he manages to get in a few racial messages of his contempt.
Montgomery "Monty" Brogan (Edward Norton), Jakob Elinsky (Philip Seymour Hoffman), and Francis Xavier Slaughtery (Barry Pepper), have all been best friends for ever. After school, Jakob went off to become a well respected high school teacher and Frank headed off to Wall Street. Monty makes plenty of money too but his craft took him in a different direction as he makes his living selling drugs. His life is thrown out of balance when the FBI barges into his house and discovers a large about of drugs. Now, he has just 25 hours to enjoy this last day of freedom before going away on a seven year jail sentence. In an effort for redemption, he tries to make amends with his father James (Brian Cox), who put his Queens bar up against Monty's bond. He then goes out for a night on the town with his best friends where they drink to happier times. As he thinks about where he went wrong he suspects his girlfriend Kostya Novotny (Tony Siragusa), might be the one who turned him in. He comes up with a plan that brings a shocking ending to this tragic story.

40 Acres and A Mule Filmworks, Industry Entertainment, Gamut Films
Director: Spike Lee
Writer: David Benioff
Producers: Edward Norton, Jon Kilik, Tobey Maguire
I viewed 5/11

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