Friday, August 17, 2012

Body Heat (1981) R - 4 Stars

Great suspenseful story starring Kathleen Turner and William Hurt. In Turner's first film debut, she is outstanding playing Matty Walker, a greedy relentless and sexy wife to a very wealthy man. She wants her husband dead and will stop at nothing to see her plan through. She tries to convince Hurt, also fabulous in his role, to kill her husband.

The musical score can't work any better to enhance the suspense. Just when you think you've been handed the last plot, you'll be surprised there's still more. If you're looking for a extremely seductively and enticingly sexy movie, this should wet your whistle.

Ned (William Hurt), is an attorney living in a coastal town of Florida. He meets Matty (Kathleen Turner), who seductively lures him into the thought of killing her very rich and much older husband (Richard Crenna). Matty figures with all the expertize Ned has in the legal field, it can insure they can carry out their plan get away with it. Ned is so taken to Matty that he instinctively follows her every wish. Just when it seems they can now be together, Matty has one more surprising twist up her sleeve.

Ladd Company, The Panavision, Ltd., Technicolor
Director: Lawrence Kasdan
Writers: Lawrence Kasdan, Milan Steindler, Vaclav Matejka
Producers: George Lucas, Fred T. Gallo, Lawrence Kasdan
I viewed 11/11

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