Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Boot Camp (2008) R - 2½ Stars

Aka Straight Edge, this movie tells a decent tale of romance while revealing the story of terror at some teenage boot camps. Based on a true story, this tough love camp goes way overboard when it comes to teen rehabilitation. Though I jokingly say I know a few "at-risk" teens who could benefit from a trip to this island, places like this really exist and troubled teens are sent to these environments every year. Mostly from rich parents who don't care or can't be bothered and involved in their child's life. If and when they do eventually return, most are worse off then when they left. Mila Kunis does a good job in her role as Sophia making you feel her contempt and pain. The story is about a teen boy who sacrifices his own well being to be sent away to rehabilitation camp in order to find his girlfriend, who's already a member. At this camp, the punishments can be as rough as doing jail time. These young inmates have less rights than prisoners on death row.

When drug addicted Sophia (Mila Kunis), gets sent away by her parents to rehabilitation camp on a tiny island in Fiji, she has no idea what's in store for. Camp Serenity, run by Dr. Arthur Hail (Peter Stormare), runs his island more like a penitentiary than a rehab and young teens are treated as if they were in jail. Dr. Hail's prison like setting operates by a strict set of rules filed with brainwashing and ultimately breaking down these teens spirits.
Sophia's straight laced boyfriend Ben (Gregory Smith), finds a way to get himself into trouble sending him straight to the island. His goal is to find his girlfriend and get her out of there. They both soon learn that Logan (Tygh Runyan), enforces the laws Dr. Hail sets forth and Ben and Sophia though determined to escape realize they are surrounded by water.

Metro Goldyn Mayor, Nomadic Pictures, Edgey Productions
Director: Christian Duguay
Writers: John Cox, Agatha Dominik
Producers: Christian Duguay, Michael Frislev, Chad Oakes
I viewed 1/12

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