Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dragonslayer (2011) NR - 2 Stars

I usually fill my queue at Netflix with movies that have a rating of 3 and above, without paying much attention to their contents. It was my impression this film would be a sci-fi thriller about dragons as I rarely read the descriptions before watching. I never dreamed this was a documentary following one guy, Josh 'Skreech' Sandoval from Fullerton, and his passion for skateboarding intermixing with his responsibility into fatherhood. I'm assuming someone into skateboarding, and this lifestyle, get this title better than me. However, if skateboarding is your thing, you've probably heard of Skreech as he's been voted the "oddest" in So. California published  skateboarding magazines. He's young and at times irresponsible, with no apparent parental support or attachment (since they're never mentioned) but I say, if you can make money doing something your passionate about, follow your dream even if it means battling the business money making world of pro-skating.
The camera man, Tristan Patterson, does a good job following the day by day excursions of Skreech as he makes his choices, or lack there of them, in life. Though, I didn't learn anything new about the sport from watching the film, I do know many in the close knit community of skateboarders who band together like street gangs, in order to find acceptance and happiness.

Josh 'Skreech' Sandoval from Fullerton, California is a twenty something skateboarder. Parental guidance seems non existence as his street family has become a band of skateboarding, drug addicted punks. He's a legend around Orange County for his passion for the sport while not surrendering himself to the corporate world of profit. His passion is helmet less tricks done in local and abandoned swimming pools. His young life consists of getting high, drinking then skateboarding. Because of his non obligations, he travels to other states and even countries in the world, entering contests for some extra cash. His needs are minimal, living off cup of noodles and pitching a tent in any ones yard that will allow him. All that must change as he's now got responsibilities with a new son and wants him to grow up in a better environment then he did.

Awards include:

2011 - SXSW Film Festival - SXSW Competition Award
2011 - Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival - Best International Documentary

Killer Films, Animals of Combat
Director: Tristan Patterson
Producer: John Baker, Tom Fanning,Christine Vachon
I viewed 8/12

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