Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sensation (2010) NR - 3 Stars

Here's a quirky little Irish film of a shy sexually frustrated boy turning becoming an online pimp. Gleeson plays the perfect sexually disturbed farm boy that you don't really know if you should trust completely as he looks as if he could snap. Gordon also is good with her subtle charm that never lets you in on if she's scheming Donal or somewhat cares about him. A nice little drama with a touch of comedy thrown in, full of unfamiliar characters.

A lonely farm boy has a new fixed sensation on a call girl he meets via the Internet. His father has recently died leaving him a nice inheritance consisting of a farm, sheep and everything on it. He decides to give it all up to be with an online whore. When she suggests setting up her own call girl service, he gladly fronts the money to do anything to be near to her. But business is too good and the neighbors catch on eventually bringing the cops to their door.
Donal (Domhnall Gleeson), is a 26 year old young man living on a farm with his father. His life consists of cleaning poop, hauling food and attending to a large herd of sheep. Life is dull and boring for Donal still he's very passionate about satisfying the urge between his legs, considering sheep for his partners. While in the field satisfying in needs, his father is left unattended and dies waiting in chair on the stair lift. His best friend Karl (Patrick Ryan), tells him his fathers death might just be the best thing to ever happen to him. Now Donal is free to do whatever he pleases and gains a nice chunk of change to boot.

He immediately uses his free time and the Internet to turn up a beautiful call girl named Kim (Luanne Gordon), "Courtney," as shes known on line. He fantasizes about her until he gains the courage to book her for an appointment. Then he's conveniently available when she needs help. These two lonely people discover an odd partnership when Courtney dreams up running her own escort business and Donal has the money needed to back her. Their relationship is awkward and jealously erupts as Donal is not having his sexual needs met, eventually pitting the two against each other in a court of law.

Irish Film Board, Blinder Films, River Park Film
Director: Tom Hall
Writer: Tom Hall
Producers: Cathleen Dore, Katie Holly, Herman Slagter, Kieron J. Walsh
I viewed 8/12

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