Saturday, September 15, 2012

Downloading Nancy (2008) NR - 2 Stars

When I saw the name of this movie, I had to see it since it had to do with computers, and the main character is named Nancy. However, this is one dark bizarre depressing movie. Based loosely on the true story of Nancy Stockwell, who canvased the Internet to find someone to kill her and end her misery. The film really takes some time to get going and seems confusing at the beginning but I wasn't ready for where it was going.
The story... The wife is bored at home, been sexually abused as a child and wants to end it in a violent struggle. She meets an abusive man on line and hooks up with him to be pleased, tortured and eventually killed by him. But this sicko man loves the abuse so much himself and turns up at the Nancy's home in hopes of being tortured by her husband. Yes I do have it in my bizarre category.

Nancy Stockwell (Maria Bello), has lived most of her life with depression. From her early childhood abuse, she's learn to take comfort in self-inflicted pain. She lives with her husband Albert (Rufus Sewell), but is not satisfied in their marriage. While Albert is at work, Nancy leaves him a note saying she is going away to visit an old friend. She never calls her husband and when she doesn't return in a timely manner, Albert learns she's been using the computer to meet men like Louis Farley (Jason Patric). It seems Nancy's has been trying to recruit men on-line to kill her as she's can't take her life on her own. When she meets Louis, their attraction is strong and Albert's discovers this is who Nancy is with to plan her murder.

Tule River Films, World Premiere Entertainment
Director: Johan Renck
Writers: Pamela Cuming, Lee Ross
Producers: Igor Kovacevich, David Moore, Cole Payne
I viewed 4/11

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Time to Chill said...

sounds very creepy in a double masochistic, suicidal kind of way. and this is based on a true story? O.O