Monday, October 22, 2012

Oxy-Morons (2011) NR - 3 Stars

Flipping through the choices on Netflix, this film caught my attention. Though I have heard about the drug known as "Oxy," I didn't realise the drug was so powerful. Writer John Hickey is also the main character Danny who's re-living his real life drama about his dependency on a pain relief opioid known as "Oxycontin." His purpose for the film, is to help others make the decision against abusing this powerful pain killer. This film is based loosely on his prior episodes with this drug and law enforcement. From the movie's official web site, "John Hickey makes his film debut as writer and director of “Oxy-Morons”. Known to local law enforcement as one of the most notorious “Oxy Bandits” in the Boston area, Hickey’s reign came to an end one night when jumped by a rival gang in Quincy MA and thrown off an 80 foot cliff. As his road to recovery and redemption progressed, Hickey produced the “Oxy-Morons” screenplay from his prison cell where he spent three years for a string of pharmacy robberies and the illegal distribution of Oxycontin. Upon release, Hickey went to work for the Federal Government helping law enforcement expose and incarcerate some of the most nefarious Oxycontin dealers in the country. When he was finally given a chance to put his screenplay into production, Hickey dove into the main role, fully committing to reliving his life experiences in an attempt to educate, as well as entertain."

The film is pretty violent but also for those addicted like John Hickey was, it's probably a pretty realistic portrayal of the dark side of surviving as a junkie. Language is not suitable for teens, though they hear it all in their music. I thought the acting was pretty good and the message very loud. Definitely gives the viewer the cons of addiction to this drug as it's not a glamorous life but this movie is not for everyone.

Danny (Johnny Hickey), and brother Jason (David Burns), have been raised alone by their addicted mother Patty (Patty Ross),after their father was killed years ago by a cop. Along with their best bro Fruit Loops (Brendan Brennan), the three hang out on the streets of Boston and are no strangers to law enforcement constantly being arrested for petty crimes. But the boys get themselves into robbing drug stores for Oxycontin, as this powerful pain killer can bring in more money. Though Jason keeps a clean head about the drug, Danny becomes addicted snorting all of his profit. Det. Greico (Damien Di Paola) and Det. Griffen (Jim Cullity) watch their every move and eventually they are all behind bars. But the story runs deeper when a dirty cop has something to hide about their father's murder.

Complex Films, Synergetic Distribution, Johnny Dangerously Film
Director: Johnny Hickey
Writer: Johnny Hickey
Producers: Damien Di Paola, John Gulielmetti, Brendan Brennan
I watched 10/12

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