Friday, March 8, 2013

A Man Named Pearl (2006) G - 3½ Stars

A warm hearted documentary about the passionate life and garden of a man named Pearl. He's been called the Edward Scissorhands of Bishopville, South Carolina. You must check out his gallery on line.

Pearl is just a good old boy who's life has never been easy and purchases a home in 1976, in a upper class all white neighborhood where he is not wanted. The Real estate agent told Pearl and his wife Metra, that "black people don't keep up their yards properly", and Pearl, the proud man that he is, sets forth to make his garden something the neighbors will be happy with. He teaches himself the art of topiary and is allowed free plants from the dump pile the local garden house is throwing away. When he hears of a contest offered for the best yard of the month, he is eager to make his yard something worthy of the prestigious honor. With his creative mind and faith in what he wanted to achieve would grow, he began to twist and tie branches in unnatural ways. Sometimes waiting 5 years or more for his creation to be realised. Then he meticulously hands trims the bushes and trees into abstract art. Along with his trash art made up of items found here and there, he has transformed his over 3 acres into a magical garden, people from all over have come to see.

In one conversation with Japanese tourists, the admit that Pearl's garden is even more stunning then many in Japan. His work has been featured in many magazine and he has done television interviews and has become the no named wonder in the gardening / landscaping world. The local waffle house has his twisted work outside of their doors and give Pearl and his wife free breakfast for life because of all the attention his masterpieces have brought to their doorsteps. It is now the hope that Pearl at age 68, can continue his 30 years of magic by adorning the city streets of Bishopville and Lee County with his artistic and calming creations, driving tourists back to their small economic dwindling town. You're heart with fall in love with a man named Pearl.

Shadow Distribution
Directors: Brent Pierson, Scott Galloway
Producers: Brent Pierson, Scott Galloway
I viewed 1/09

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