Thursday, March 7, 2013

After (2006) NR - 1 Star

Rarely does a movie come along that makes one have the urge to shoot themselves but I've found it.

An extreme group of urban thrill seekers travel to Russia in search of Stalin's secret metro and Ivan the Terrible's torture chamber. The film is shot in a documentary style but trying to be creative, the camera jumps all over the place. I think the producer thought that added to the effects but for me at least, I really could not stand watching it. I felt like shooting myself for wasting my time and applauded that is was finally over.

I doubt you'll be seeing any awards for this one any time soon.
No photos to be found as well but trust me - no big loss.

After... Films LLC
Director: David L. Cunningham
Writers: Kevin Miller, David L. Cunningham
Producers: Penelope L. Foster, David L. Cunningham, Edwin L. Marshall
I viewed 1/08

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