Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gracie (2007) PG13 - 4 Stars

Gracie is a movie that makes you feel good while rooting for the underdog. Based on the true story of the death of William Shue, a cast member and the director made this film to honor their brother.

(Carly Schroeder) is Gracie Bowen, a 15 year old tom girl that looks up to her older brother Johnny (Jesse Lee Soffer), star player for their high school soccer team. The family lives and breaths soccer. When he dies suddenly in a car accident, Gracie vows somehow to take his place in the world of soccer. She has followed her brothers footsteps and learned from him but everyone tells her she can't do it. Her family doesn't want her to become involved because she is a girl. And even her best friend tells her she will be deemed a lesbian if she plays for the team. All she has to do is convince the Coach Clark (Andrew Shue) that she is qualified. The boys show her no mercy but she refuses to give up. Not until she's reached the top in every one's eyes.

Director: Davis Guggenheim
Writers: Lisa Marie Petersen, Karen Janszen
Producers: Elisabeth Shue, Andrew Shue, Davis Guggenheim
I viewed 10/07

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