Monday, March 18, 2013

Lake City (2008) R - 2½ Stars

This could have been such a better movie. Sissy Spacek is perfect in this type of a rural setting, playing a troubled mom out in a remote location. She's great as usual, however, she can't hold it up on her own and should have saved her talent for movies worthy of her. It's not that I thought the acting was horrible starring Troy Garity but the movie is slow and leaves unanswered questions and takes so long to make any connection to the characters. I understand why Billy is having problems relating to his newly discovered son but why do you wait till almost the end before you know why? If Billy had been doing so well cleaning up his act, what the hell is he doing with the drug infested Hope? What happened to Spacek's husband? What's the band at the gas station all about, you never even hear them play? And why is Billy leaving now? Is he together with Jenny and why is he leaving his son with grandma? Characters just pop in and out of this movie without any substance to them? I guess my favorite part is when Spacek and Garity make amends, and maybe the corn field chase scene but other than that, it just wasn't there.

Maggie (Sissy Spacek), is a single aging mom taking care of the land she raised her kids on. Even though the developers of a new highway want her to sell her property, Maggie has memories of her children there and doesn't want to leave.

Meanwhile, Billy (Troy Garity), is on the run from a drug dealer wanting his money. He's on the road with a young boy Clayton (Colin Ford), as Clayton's mom has suddenly abandoned them both along with the dealers drugs. Billy seeks refuge at his mothers house deciding what to do next. But Maggie and Billy have many issues to work out from their past before anyone can start the future new.

Screen Media Films
Directors: Perry Moore, Hunter Hill
Writers: Perry Moore, Hunter Hill
Producers: Donna Bascom, Sally Pope, Mike Ryan
I viewed 2/10

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