Sunday, May 22, 2016

I Love Your Work (2004) R - 2½ Stars

I didn't care too much for this movie. I felt it is pretty twisted and the story line is all over the place making you totally clueless as to what the movie is trying to get across. Maybe it's just me but then the movie becomes nothing but predictable.

Gray Evans (Giovanni Ribisi) is a celebrity at the young age of 20 having a slow meltdown. He's married to a beautiful successful actress Mia Lang (Franka Potente). Gary drinks up the attention of the spot light making most think his life should be perfect but Gary's obsessed. He's obsessed thinking he has a fan that is stalking him.

While he is at a video store, he meets a guy named John (Joshua Jackson). John tells Gary he's one of his biggest fans. This makes Gary extremely nervous that his belief is true and that it is John who is the one that has been stalking him. Gary decides to turn the tables and starts to follow John to keep tabs on him. When he returns to the video store he meets John's wife, Jane (Marisa Coughlan). The two seem to have a perfect caring marriage so Gary feels sort of silly thinking John could have been involved in actually stalking him. But now that he's met Jane, he's driven to stalk her as he'd like to be in her life. Confused? Yeah me too.

Director: Adam Goldberg
Writers: Adam Butchart, Adam Goldberg, Adrian Butchart
Producers: Adrienne Gruben, Terry Spazek, David Hillary
I viewed 5/15


Anonymous said...

it's about a man who bases his life on movies.

then become part of movies by having become an actor (not 20, 30s) and misses his real life.

the video store: "Reel Life." Get it?

he doesn't really believe he is being stalked by Josh Jackson. He hires the PI in order to spy the way rich people can afford to spy so he can live vicariously through this young couple--who represent his past. He uses the paranoia that an obsessed fan stirs in him in order to justify the hiring of the PI.

As he degenerates his obsessions becomes not unlike Mark Chapman's with John Lennon. Only in this case the celebrity is the delusional one who has to eliminate the object of obsession. Then Gray can usurp the video store clerk's life and be with the Marisa Coughlan character, who, again, represents the Ricci phantom lost love character from his past.

Understand now?

Zola's Movie Pic's said...

Excellent!! That really makes much better sense to me.