Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Dog Problem (2007) R - 2½ Stars

The movie seems to have many mixed reviews online with some viewers getting more out of it than I did. Labeled a comedy, it's hard for me to call it that because other than one time I don't remember smiling often. I couldn't even find a credit given for Don Cheadle's role on the rental box or in the final rolling credits. Maybe I just got a bad copy.

I feel the director is trying to bring across the similarities between this odd mix of dysfunctional people stumbling through their lives with people that surround all of our lives daily but for me, I couldn't connect with anyone. The story is of a man who under the advise of his therapist, buys a dog hoping to give his life some purpose.

Solo Harrington (Giovanni Ribisi), is a depressed novelist who can't get in touch with his creative side. Even though he's been successful in the past, he's spent all his lives savings on women, drugs and his expensive psychiatrist, Dr. Nourmand (Don Cheadle). When nothing seems to help Solo break out of his mood, the doctor suggest he get a dog to help with his lonesomeness. Casper (Scott Caan), Solo's friend, introduces him to a rich girl Jules (Mena Suvari), who Solo tries to convince to take the dog when he suddenly notices he's becoming attached. But with Benny (Kevin Corrigan) is breathing down his back to pay his loan, and the dog gets bit at a dog park needing expensive medical treatment, he meets a feisty stripper named Lola (Lynn Collins), who he tries to convince to take the dog and pay his veterinarian bill. Now he has to sort out his feelings of letting go of the dog?

A Thousand Words
Director: Scott Caan
Writer: Scott Caan
Producers: Jonah Smith, Palmer West
I viewed 3/13

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