Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Buried (2010) R - 3½ Stars

Being semi claustrophobic, I wouldn't last 5 minutes under these conditions. Perhaps that's why this movie made me totally uncomfortable, leaving a knot in my neck. It's pretty hard to make a good movie with just one on screen actor but if you crave edge of your seat thrillers, you'll love this one.

You'll find there are many things you think he should be doing in this situation and at least for me, I found myself yelling at the screen. Also, there are way too many calls and videos sent from just one bar of phone charge left. Perhaps the bag should have shown a spare cell phone battery inside and when he finds the cell phone number, why does he only leave a message for his wife? So don't spent too much energy over analysing what he should or should not be doing, instead sit back and enjoy this intense and horrifying thriller.

Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) is a truck driver in Iraq and he's just awakened to find himself bound and buried alive in a coffin. Reaching around in the dark, he finds a lighter to scope out his dyer situation. A sudden ring finds he's also been left with a cell phone. An Iraqi voice on the other end tells him 5 million dollars will get him out. With 90 minutes of time, a limited supply of oxygen, and trying not to panic, Paul must blindly call numbers to find someone to locate and free him.

2010 - National Board of Review - Best Original Screenplay
2010 - National Board of Review - Best Independent Film

Projectes Mevi, The Safran Company, Versus Entertainment, Dark Trick Films, Lionsgate
Director: Rodrigo Cortés
Writer: Chris Sparling
Producers: Peter Safran, Adrian Guerra

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