Saturday, March 29, 2008

Boat Trip (2003) R - 3½ Stars

Jerry (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is a man in love. He has the perfect girlfriend Felicia (Vivica A. Fox), and wants to take the relationship to the next level. He picks a romantic balloon ride to propose to Felicia and she tells him she can't. She doesn't love or want him anymore.

Crushed and not knowing what to do next, he turns to his best friend Nick (Horatio Sanz). Since Nick's not batting a thousand in the relationship field himself, he suggest the two of them take a cruise, the prefect way to meet women. While making the reservations, Nick pisses the travel agent off and he gets even by sending them off on a "gay" cruise. At the beginning, they are not aware of their circumstances but when they discover the ship is full of men winking at them, they pose as lovers so everyone will think they are taken. Jerry meets a beautiful dance instructor Gabriella (Roselyn Sanchez). After spending a lot of time with her and discovering feelings for her, he now her he really is straight. Jerry learns alot about himself and his sexuality which makes him a better man.

MGM Distribution
Director: Mort Nathan
Writers: William Bigelow, Mort Nathan
Producers: Gerhard Schmidt, Frank Hübner, Andrew Sugerman
I viewed 10/07

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