Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gas Food Lodging (1992) R - 3 Stars

Trudi (Ione Skye) and Shade (Fairuza Balk) are two sisters growing up in very small town of Laramie, NM. They live with their mother Nora (Brooke Adams) in a trailer park. Trudi is the defiant one and gives her love easily away to any man that will take it. Shade yearns for more of the typical family life with a dad. Trudi becomes pregnant from Dank (Robert Knepper) who is in town studying rock formation in a cave. Shade falls for the projectionist in the movie theater Javier (Jacob Vargas). The girls learn a lot about love and their identities while trying to fit in.

1992 - Gas Food Lodging - New York Film Critics Circle - Best New Director.

IRS Releasing
Directors: Allison Anders
Writers: Allison Anders
Producers: Christoph Henkel, Daniel Hassid, William Ewart
I viewed 10/07

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