Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008) PG - 3½ Stars

My complaint about the movie is how they got back to Narnia. I don't mean the special effects, but for someone who had not seen the first in the series, it's sort of confusing. One moment their sitting in a subway talking and the next, they suddenly know to hold hands and be taken away. Maybe it's been too long since I've seen the first but it didn't explain much why after 1 year the children's time and 1,300 years in Narnia time, the connection was made. But then again, I've never read the books so I'm sure somehow it all may tie in? All and all, it's a good action, adventure fantasy but not so sure for the whole family as I thought it was pretty violent and graphic with even a beheading.

When the children, Lucy (Georgie Henley), Peter (William Moseley), Edmund (Skandar Keynes) and Susan (Anna Popplewell) Pevensie, arrive in Narnia, to find a lot of time has passed, 1300 years, and things are not the same. At first, they are unsure exactly where they are as the once Golden Age of Narnia has been taken over by the Telmarines under the merciless rule of King Miraz (Sergio Castellitto). Miraz has just had a baby boy and he is determined to ensure the throne will someday be his instead of the real heir, his nephew Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes). He's forced Prince Caspian into hiding from his uncle as he's learned the threat against his life. Now with the help of these old friends of Narnia, Prince Caspian can restore Narnia to a peaceful and will live once again.

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Walt Disney Pictures
Directors: David Strangmuller, Andrew Adamson
Writers: Christopher Markus, Andrew Adamson, Stephen McFeely
Producers: Andrew Adamson, Mark Johnson, Philip Steuer
I viewes 12/08

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