Monday, December 15, 2008

Diminished Capacity (2008) NR - 3 Stars

Boy sometimes I feel diminished capacity and maybe I should start using that term instead of senior moments. Alan Alda is so cute in his role of an aging men beginning to suffer from Alzheimer's. I feel in love with his priceless theory on communicating with fish. I almost wish the movie contained more of it to shape his character that direction. Cute little movie showing how theirs safety in numbers.

Chicago newspaper editor Cooper (Matthew Broderick) has been demoted to merely proof reading comic strips after being injured in the head. He's got amnesia symptoms in certain situations that hopefully will right itself as time goes by.

His Uncle Rollie (Alan Alda) on the other hand, is starting to show early signs of Alzheimer's disease and can not be trusted living on his own. Cooper, by his mother's request, takes some time off to visit his uncle in his rural home town of Missouri, to help ensure Rollie doesn't burn the house down.

Cooper runs into his childhood sweetheart Charlotte (Virginia Madsen) and begins to remember their feelings. Charlotte has recently gone through a divorce and focuses on her son and his baseball catching abilities. Cooper begins to feel something again.

Back at Uncle Rollie's, a burglar trips the trap that Rollie has laid for him. It seems this same burglar has regularly trying to break in. All because of an extremely rare baseball card that his Rollie's grandfather gave to him. Even though the card brings back the memories of his grandfather, Rollie is convinced to sell it and make money needed to keep him independently in his home, before the burglar succeeds. Charlotte and her son join, Cooper and Rollie on a trip to Chicago, to find a buyer for the car.

IFC Films
Director: Terry Kinney
Writer: Sherwood Kiraly
Producers: Pamela Hirsch, Edward Hart, Bruce Lunsford, Bill Benenson, Scott Hanson
I viewed 11/08

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