Friday, December 19, 2008

Live-In Maid (2004) NR - 3½ Stars

In Spanish with subtitles, this was a neat little movie on role reversal. The rich lady who has it all who relies on her live in house maid to handle every detail for her. Always snubbing the maid, she now finds herself desperate and unable to pay her bills or her maid. Almost homeless, she now finds her maid the only friend left she can turn to. I'm not familiar with either of the stars but they both fit their characters perfectly.

Ms Bebe Pujol (Norma Aleandro) age 58, was a once well to do woman of Buenos Aires running her own cosmetic company. When he company fails, she now tries to uphold her lifestyle while peddling cosmetics and creams anywhere she can. As she tries to hold onto her status in the community, her bills pile up until she is unable to pay for the finner things in life anymore, like her maid, and has to start doing without.

Dora (Norma Argentina) age 51, has been working for Ms. Bebe for 30 years as a live in maid. She goes home to her weekend boyfriend Miguel (Raul Panguinao), and the money she earns from her job, is helping to build her a home one piece at a time. Miguel works part time but his work is not steady and when Dora tells him she must find work elsewhere as she's not being paid, he is worried he may have to find a job. But as Dora spends her days, looking for work, Miguel is doing repairs of a different kind at the neighbors down the street.

When Bebe must take everything she owns and leave her stylish home, she calls on the only friend she has really ever had and can still not function without. Some bonds just can't be broken.

2005 - Live-In Maid - Sundance Film Festival - Special Jury Prize

Red Envelope Films, The Film Sales Company
Director: Jorge Gaggero
Writer: Jorge Gaggero
Producers: Diego Mas Trelles, Anton Reixa, Veronica Cura
I viewed 11/08

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