Friday, December 12, 2008

Nature Unleashed: Avalanche (2004) PG13 - 3 Stars

Even though the acting can't get much cheesier, even though the special effects are far from special, even though the story is possible but oh not practical, I still found myself somewhat engaged in the movie. I guess there is just enough anticipation of "the event", to keep me wanting of more. Not your greatest disaster movie but then most aren't, it gives just enough to cheer on the crowd, searching for those buried alive. Problem is, they sure didn't search for many and of course there's that one villainous bad guy that you want to see bite it first. You can probably bury this one unless you like snow or disaster movies.

A new hotel is just about to open at an elite ski resort in the small village of Dubruz, high in the Ural mountains. Satellite pictures are reported to avalanche specialist, Katya (Kate Henry), that the ice is cracking and giving way underneath a glazier high atop the mountain, and it's about to cause major problem for the town below. Two brothers Thom (Adam Croasdell) and Jock (Andrew Lee Potts), who run a snowmobile business, many vacationers, and other snow seeking adventurers, take heed to the warning signs that the mountain is about to swallow them alive.

Nu Image Films
Director: Mark Roper
Writer: John Sheppard
Producers: Avi Lerner, Iliya Sotirov, David Varod, Jamie Brown, Gary Howsam
I viewed 11/08

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