Thursday, December 4, 2008

No End in Sight (2007) NR - 3½ Stars

Now this is one of those movies that will piss you off after watching it. It's a good insightful documentary that outlines how we got into Iraq in the first place. On March 19, 2003, the United States and a few allied nations invaded Iraq. The goal, to remove Saddam Hussein from power and install democracy amongst the Iraqi people. Where has it gotten us? Is there anyway to get out of this and change how the Iraqi's view us now? It makes me so glad that we are getting some new blood into the white house as I feel the people in the Bush Administration really screwed up. We wonder why the people of the Middle East hate us and groups of people become terrorists yearning to get even with us. Sometimes I wonder, who the hell do "we", the United Sates, think we are?

To me, it's all about the money and I believe that part of the reason we invaded Iraq, was to get revenge on Saddam for almost assassinating George W. Bush, senior. It certainly was no big secret that we were coming but we were suppose to go in, free the people of Iraq for the dictatorship of Saddam, and get right out. Why are we still there then? Because these people of Bush administration think war is good business. After all, it keeps the military heavily funded, while propaganda controls most of the population of the U.S. with it's scare tactics. Iraq had become a dangerous quagmire to our soldiers. Yes I would like to thank the men and women serving there, and in all past wars of the U.S., and value their lives fighting for our freedom. But this war was unnecessary and is doing nothing more than to making more people hate America.

I recommend watching the film and making a judgement for yourself. The film interviews many people involved in the decision planning of the war and also sheds light on some interesting facts that you may not have heard on the evening news. For example, We did not send in enough troops, we allowed large weapon depots to be overtaken because we didn't have the man power to defend them, we allowed the looting of Baghdad, we disbanded the Iraqi military leaving half a million men, now out of a job, to join the insurgency. Mismanagement of funding due to fraud, corruption and waste. Will there ever be a happy ending to this war? Is it possible to leave Iraq and it's people feeling any sort of gratitude from our being there?

Awards include:

2007 - No End in Sight - Alliance of Women Journalists - Best Documentary
2007 - No End in Sight - Florida Film Critics - Best Documentary
2007 - No End in Sight - Los Angeles Film Critics Association - Best Documentary

Magnolia Pictures
Director: Charles Ferguson
Writer: Charles Ferguson
Producers: Jessie Vogelson, Jennie Amias, Audrey Marrs
I viewed 11/08

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