Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tigerland (2000) R - 3½ Stars

Colin Farrell was a young little known actor when he starred in this move and he's great in his role as Bozz, the smart ass, non conforming, young soldier, about to be shipped to Vietnam. Even though he looks like a tough egg with his rebellious behavior, deep inside he has a heart of gold. The film focuses on the training involved getting prepared for war at an advanced infantry training course known as Tigerland, where soldiers have been known to not walk away from.

It's 1971 and a company of draftee's including Roland Bozz (Colin Farrell), Miter (Clifton Collins Jr.), Cantwell (Thomas Guiry), Paxton (Matthew Davis), Johnson (Russell Richardson) and Wilson (Shea Whigham) are sent to an Army Infantry training camp in Fort Polk, Louisiana. Bozz presents himself as a troublemaker, thinking the Army won't have much use for him. He encourages the other men to stand up and do what they can to be ejected too. But it does little good for him as the high ranking officials see him as the one with intelligence and ambition that could make him a leader someday. But will anyone be ready for their final test at the mocked up, simulated war zone, wilderness known as Tigerland, their final stop before entering Vietnam.

New Regency Productions, 20th Century Fox Distribution
Director: Joel Schumacher
Writers: Michael McGruther, Ross Klavan
Producers: Arnon Milchan, Steven Haft, Beau Flynn
I viewed 11/08

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