Thursday, April 16, 2009

Be Kind Rewind (2008) PG13 - 3½ Stars

Leave it to Jack Black to pull off this movie. I love his energy. Pretty funny comedy that has enough laughs for me to watch it a second time back to back to show other friends. After being zapped with electricity, everything Black walks by becomes demagnetized. Wiping out the entire images of a video store, Black and his friend decide to make their own versions of the movies to rent out. It turns out so well, people now form lines around the block to see their latest release.

Mike (Mos Def), works for Mr. Fletcher (Danny Glover), at the local video store. Mr. Fletcher still only rents out VHS tapes as he is trying to keep his store to simpler times of yore. Business is slow and Mr. Fletcher is facing the risk of having to close shop.

Jerry (Jack Black), who works and lives at the local junkyard, is Mike's best friend but he's not suppose to be hanging out at the video store as his sloppy appearance and insulting behavior to the customers keep business away. Lately Jerry has been worrying about the power plant over the junkyard, thinking the electrical waves are doing something to his health. He convinces Mike to help him sabotage the power plant but in the process, Mike heads for home leaving Jerry to fend for himself. One false move and Jerry receives an electrical shock that makes himself a human demagnetiser. Mr. Fletcher has just left the store in Mike's capable hands when feeling like crap, Jerry stumbles in not realizing his very presence is causing all of the videos to become erased. When Miss Falewicz (Mia Farrow) decides to check up on Mike to make sure he is doing a good job and to rent a copy of Ghost Busters, she finds the store in shambles. Quick thinking by Jerry, assures her that a copy will be waiting for her before the store closes.

Mike and Jerry grab their video camera and proceed to film their version of Ghost Busters in hopes she will not know the difference. As other customers enter the store to request various titles, it's all Mike and Jerry can do to keep up with the demand. Incorporating friends, family and people off the street, Mike and Jerry form a new film crew that now keeps their new "SWEDENIZED versions in sharp demand. Mr. Fletcher returns to find lines of loyal customers but it is too late as he will have to relinquish the store to developers as he can not afford to pay up on the lease. The whole crew will make one last movie to honor Mr. Fletcher and the videos store's many years of commitment to serving their community.

Focus Features, New Line Cinema
Director: Michel Gondry
Writer: Michel Gondry
Producers: Georges Bermann, Michel Gondry, Julie Fong
I viewed 4/09

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