Monday, April 27, 2009

Body of Lies (2008) R - 4 Stars

DiCaprio and Crowe play off each other great in this movie. DiCaprio has the hard job as the infiltrator, gaining the trust of the people surrounding him in order to gain access to terrorist intelligence. Crowe has the easy job as the man calling the shots inside the CIA protecting Homeland Security. They have an unspoken knowledge between them, but even though both are on the same mission, they perceive a different way of handling the job.

Roger Ferris (DiCaprio), undercover for the CIA is, secretly blending and penetrating many groups of terrorist cells. Being in this position, he must overlook the occasional suicide bomber in order to penetrate deeper to the meat and potatoes of the operation.

Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe) appears to be the CIA nonchalant mastermind, running the project from the USA. He's so unattached to the death his job brings, he can play with his daughter while giving the order to take someone over the phone. When Ferris finds evidence that a major terrorist leader might be working out of Jordan, he must convince the Jordanian intelligence to work with him. But when it seems like Hoffman is taking too many chances with Ferris's life, Ferris has to decide who he can to trust, in order to finish his mission.

Scott Free Productions, De Line Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures
Director: Ridley Scott
Writer: William Monahan
Producers: Donald De Line, Ridley Scott
I viewed 3/09

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