Monday, April 6, 2009

Keith (2008) PG13 - 3½ Stars

I liked the movie because in a way it reminded me of growing up with an old boyfriend named Keith driving a truck and a lot like him. Here you have a prom queen type perfect girl, who falls for a jock looking guy and it all seems typical, right? But instead of living happily ever after, she fancies the idea that Keith seems to be shaking her up in ways she doesn't understand. At least speaking for myself, I love the "unconventional" in a man and in "Keith." He's not about show, he has an extreme quirky side but still intelligent, doesn't need to show off to get your attention because and has the self confident cockyness to eventually drive you mad, because you can't stop thinking about him. Keith is a pretty good movie about a boy who enjoys taking risks while at the same time, forces you out of your comfort zone, trying to be with him. I think they picked the right actors for the movie as I believed I was actually watching teenagers, not someone older trying to play young.

Natalie (Elisabeth Harnois), seems to have the perfect life. A great supportive family that watch her every tennis match, perfect grades in school, great looks, and even a scholarship for college. When the new guy Raff (Ignacio Serricchio), comes to town, Natalie makes quick work to make sure he notices her. Soon after, the two become somewhat of an item.

Keith (Jesse McCartney), on the other hand, appears to live quite differently. With little concern for school work, no social network of friends, does not dress to impress, and drives a beat up truck, he's pretty much an outcast labeled "strange guy." But when a class in chemistry hooks up the unlikely pair up, Natalie becomes fascinated with Keith and makes it her challenge to see discover what makes him tick.

Gray Area Entertainment, Lili Claire Communications, No Hands Productions
Director: Todd Kessler
Writers: David Zabel, Todd Kessler
Producers: Todd Kessler, Rebecca Hobbs
I viewed 3/09

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