Sunday, April 19, 2009

National Lampoon Presents: Lost Reality (2004) R - 2 Stars

Man, talk about an offensive film. My neighbor rented this movie and said it was about the funniest thing he's ever seen, so I had to have a look too. Granted it did get a few chuckles out of me of what some people are willing to put themselves through, I was laughing more at that than the actual event. It's crude, lewd and puts down race, religion, mental illness and it's just right out so wrong. It's made for the crowd that likes Jack Ass the movies. Okay the episode entitled "Whore" was probably the funniest and I even laughed at the man stealing dildos. Basically it's a collection of ideas people out there people have come up with for Game Shows, Reality TV, and the Bizarre. I'm glad that my neighbor wasted the money rented it than me. What ever happened to the great flicks National Lampoon did like Vacation and stuff.

Don't ask me even who stars in it, (I don't want to know) who wrote it, (a bunch of sick f*cks), produced, (I guess that would be National Lampoon) directed (there is none here) and there is not even any photos to add (probably a real good thing).
I viewed 4/09

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