Friday, April 17, 2009

Proud (2004) PG - 3 Stars

This is the warm hearted real life story of the only black crew to take a warship into battle, escorting convoys and cheating death, but yet were never recognized for it. In 1944, the U.S. Naval ship, USS Mason and it's crew of all African American sailors would play a major role in World War II. These men risked their lives braving the the treacherous waters of the Atlantic and single handedly chasing away German submarines, making them worthy of medal accommodations. Instead, the men were over looked because of their color as most black men in the Navy were only laborers. It takes the persistence of a grandson, to ensure his grandfather legacy and the others like him, are never forgotten. I really loved that the same characters play the young groups of boys then changed to playing the Naval sailors as the story is reenacted. Good documentary about history that I surely don't remember learning in school.

Lorenzo DuFau (Ossie Davis) is a naval veteran of World War II. Even though he fought to get into combat and tells the story of his importance there, he son never recognises his achievement and treats him poorly. Lorenzo's grandson Larry (Albert Jones), has a few of his friends over one night listening to loud music and when the awaken Lorenzo, they are surprised to hear his impressions on their lives and music. At first Larry just wants to make fun of his grandfather too but as Lorenzo continues, he realizes how important his grandfather was to the war and goes on a crusade to get he and his old crew mates the recognition they deserve. Along with his shipmates James Graham (Erik LaRay Harvey), and Gordon Buchanan (Jeffrey Nash), the story is brought back to life to show the men's ordeal at sea.

THEntertainment, Lionsgate
Director: Mary Pat Kelly
Writer: Mary Pat Kelly
Producer: Ally Hilfiger
I viewed 3/09

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