Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quantum of Solace (2008) PG13 - 3 Stars

If you are a big James Bond fan, then Quantum of Solace will probably disappoint you. For me, I'm almost getting to the point that if you have seen one James Bond movie, you pretty much know what's going to happen. I have my perceived assumptions of what would take place. Bond working on a secret mission, out running his enemy while saving someones life, great explosions and awesome car crashes, a beautiful co star easily seduced by Bond's charm, some sort of evil villain with maybe a steel arm or one larger eye, and some sort of gadgetry equipted car.

For me, Quantum of Solace doesn't fit well into the 007 Bond series but instead has a different edge, showing Bond in a new light I'm not sure works well if you are trying to save the reputation of what makes James Bond, James Bond. There's no undeniable charm or sparkle in his eye, no funny gadgets or secret devices to transport him out of danger, none of that highly seductive style of class in "Bond ... James Bond" like we've seen in the past and with all the violence, he almost comes off looking like the bad guy. It's as if the movie didn't need to have James Bond for it's star at all. Some other action star could have pulled it off with the same results. Don't get me wrong, the movie has good acting, cast, special effects, though thrown at you entirely to fast, and everything else you might expect from a Bond movie. But, I think if this is the direction 007 is going, then I'm a little "Bonded" out. Did I miss something?

"Quantum of Solice" picks up where "Casino Royal" left off. Bond discovers that his old love Vesper, and her betrayal actually goes a lot deeper than simple blackmail. The action starts out right away with a violent car chase with Bond. Mr. White (Jesper Christensen), is captured and brought in for interrogation by Bond (Daniel Craig), and CIA director, M (Judi Dench), as they try to uncover the network of villains.

With use of forensics, an Mi6 traitor is linked back to a Haitian bank account and Bond sets forth on a mission to South America to get to the heart of the matter. Once there, mistaken identity throws him in with the sassy Camille (Olga Kurylenko). Camille is about to be discarded as used equipment and takes Bond to Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric). Greene is the powerful mastermind behind an illegal organization that has very deep pockets and can pull plenty of stings. Greene's plans include overthrowing the existing powers that be, and giving control back to exiled General Medrano (Joaquin Cosio), in exchange for piece of land in Bolivia rich with natural resources that will give Greene control over the Bolivian people. Bond's job is stop Greene while weaving his way through a tangled web of trust within the CIA.

2008 - Quantum of Solace - Las Vegas Film Critics Association - Best Song

Danjaq Productions, EON Productions, Sony Pictures Releasing
Director: Marc Forster
Writers: Robert Wade, Neal Purvis, Paul Haggis
Producers: Barbara Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson
I viewed 4/09

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