Friday, May 30, 2008

Because I Said So (2006) PG13 - 2½ Stars

This movie is too much of a girlie movie for me and I got bored with it fast. Mom is involved in setting up her single daughter. I don't know a mother that would interfere the way this mom does. I just didn't find it real funny either but predictable forcible laughs.

Daphne Wilder (Diane Keaton) is a single mom who's raised three daughters. The oldest Maggie (Lauren Graham), is a psychologist, Mae (Piper Perabo), sexy and brains to boot and the youngest Milly (Mandy Moore) is sort of a klutz.

Daphne really over does it when she places an online dating ad trying to set Milly up with the perfect guy. She wants to make sure Milly doesn't wind up making the same mistakes in life and love that she has. But she continually does the wrong things even though her hearts in the right place. Daphne finally realises it's her own insecurities that she has been trying to make right.

Universal Pictures
Director: Michael Lehmann
Writers: Karen Leigh Hopkins, Jessie Nelson
Producers: Paul Brooks, Jessie Nelson
I viewed 5/07

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Anonymous said...

oh, you are too kind. I love chick flicks...but this is just a BAD flick...I could only sit for 30 minutes and decided my time is worth more than wasting it on this one. Diana Keaton is too good for this!