Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shottas (2002) R - 3 Stars

A low budget film with a lot of spirit that got my attention. Sometimes it's a bit hard to understand everything they are saying in voices of their true Jamaican culture. It's a good little movie none the less showing the true runnings of organized crime in Jamaica and in the US.

Shottas is the Jamaican word for gangster. Wayne (Spragga Benz) and Biggs (Ky-mani Marley), are two "shottas" in Kingston wanting to go out on their own so they hit the streets towards Miami. But things don't go as planned and when they are arrested and returned back to Jamaica. But with their determination to return back to Miami, they become involved with the underground making lots of money which doesn't sit well with the other shottas of Kingston. They finally return to Miami but find things are not so easy as they've made lots of enemies.

Triumph Films
Director: Cess Silvera
Writer: Cess Silvera
Producer: Cess Silvera
I viewed 7/07

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Anonymous said...

yo i love shottas wayne and biggs are so sexy.and the movie alone is off the hook.I wish they would come to my town.