Sunday, April 13, 2008

An American Haunting (2006) PG13 - 2½ Stars

Based on the documented true story from 1818 in Red River, Tennessee where a person death was caused by a demonic spirit. The movie has some scary images but looks like most other Exorcist's type movies out there.

Lucy (Sissy Spacek) and John Bell (Donald Sutherland) are a loving couple living in a well to do farm ranch with their daughter Betsy (Rachel Hurd-Wood). Strange noises and ghostly images begin to appear after a wolf with yellow cold eyes shows up. At first, the family doesn't admit anything is really wrong with Betsy until they witness the control this angry demon has over her. The demon shows no mercy on the family or Betsy, eventually causing her death.

Freestyle Releasing, After Dark Films
Director: Courtney Solomon
Writer: Courtney Solomon
Producers: Courtney Solomon, Christopher Milburn, Andre Rouleau
I viewed 2/07

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SciFiDrive said...

it had the potential for a period horror movie with a true historical background but it lacked impact and it wasn't that scary.