Sunday, April 27, 2008

The City of Violence (2006) NR - 2 Stars

I didn't care as much for this Korean subtitled movie as I normally like them. However, if you're a big martial arts fan, I think you'll enjoy the action in this movie. Jeong Tae-su (Jeong Du-hong) used to be a real punk in the old days before becoming a detective. When he travels back to his home town for a funeral of one of his buddies, Wang-jae (Ahn Gil-gang), he suspects foul play. He meets up with the other gang member punks that he used to hang with.
Sukhwhan (Ryoo Seok-hwan), Jang Pil-ho (Lee Beom-su) , and Dong-hwan all catch up on their tiny empires that some have made for themselves. They end up killing each other off and only one survives.

RK Production
Directors: Ryu Seung-wan, Ryoo Seung-wan
Writers: Lee Won-Jae, Lee Weon-jae, Ryu Seung-wan
Producers: Jung Doo-hong, Kim Jeong-min, Jeong Du-hong
I viewed 9/07

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