Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Client (1994) PG13 - 4½ Stars

I simply love and throughly enjoyred this movie. Strong preformances by everyone and couldn't be better cast. The innocense of the boy trying to do the right thing, it what draws you in to everything as he takes on the big lawyers and the legal system to protect himself and his brother's life.

When two small boys are playing in the woods, they come upon a man in a car trying to commit suicide. This mafia lawyer Romey Clifford (Walter Olkewicz), has stuffed a tube into the tail pipe of his running car and the other end into his window. Now Clifford having the last deliberation of his life, catches the 13 year old Mark Sway (Brad Renfro) removing the tube from the tail pipe. Clifford puts Mark in the car with him and tells him he too now will die. Ricky Sway (David Speck) the younger brother becomes quit upset watching the ordeal and when Mark is finally able to escape, the boys run home. Ricky is in shock over what he has seen and refuses to speak.

Barry Muldano (Anthony LaPaglia) one of the gangsters learns the boys know where Clifford's body is and threatens their lives. The U.S. District Attorney Roy Foltrigg (Tommy Lee Jones) tries to pressure Mark to spill what he knows. Mark turns to the aid of a lawyer Reggie Love (Susan Sarandon) who takes the case for a dollar. A close deep relationship is formed between Reggie and Mark as she tries to protect his life.

Warner Bros Pictures
Director: Joel Schumacher
Writers: Akiva Goldsman, Robert Getchell
Producers: Steven E. Reuther, Arnon Milchan
I viewed 1/08

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