Saturday, April 19, 2008

Coach Carter (2005) PG13 - 5 Stars

Absolutely great movie. I don't give out many 5 stars but this movie gets the highest for sure. Based on the true story of basketball coach Ken Carter from Richmond, CA. and how he made such a difference in young men's lives. His team, the Richmond High Oilers, was just about ready to start their play off season being undefeated. Coach Carter made headlines when he benched his whole team for doing poorly with their grades.

Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) used to play on the basketball team at Richmond High. Years later he returns to the school to be the basketball coach. His team is not doing very good and the boys tough attitudes about each other and what they think is important in life. Carter tries to get the boys to believe in themselves and earn some self respect for each other. What the team doesn't expect is Coach locking them out of the gym to play in their undefeated season. The parents become enraged and try to get rid of Coach but the boys come around and realize what he is trying to teach them and the rise to the occasion.

Paramount Pictures
Director: Thomas Carter
Writers: John Gatins, Mark Schwahn
Producers: David Gale, David Gale, Mike Tollin
I viewed 3/07


Layrayski said...

I love Coach Carter. I think I've lost count how much I've watched this movie. Its not intentional but whenever it comes out on HBO I just can't not watch it.

Zawan said...

yeah, this movie's aswesome
it has a valuable lesson behind it