Sunday, April 27, 2008

Collapse (2007) NR - 1 Star

Boy this is a real stinker of a movie. Written, directed and produced by Javier Babera - Javier, keep your day job. Man the acting in this movie is just about as bad as it can possibly get. Especially with the head dude calling all the shots. Basically John's dad is murdered and leaves a lot of money behind to his son. The girlfriend is suppose to get into his life but instead takes matters into her own hands and kills him. She buries him outside in the yard but he escapes and now he's massively pissed off and every one's going to pay. Yawn.

This movie is so bad, I can't even find a picture to go with it.

Barbera Productions
Director: Javier Barbera
Writer: Javier Barbera
Producer: Javier Barbera
I viewed 9/07

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