Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dangerous Minds (1995) R - 4 Stars

I'm watching this movie again as it's one of those movies you can see over and over. Everyone gives and incredible preformance and one to own for your personal movie collection.

Lou Anne Johnson (Michelle Pfeiffer), a veteran of the Marine's, finds a new job at a rough school in East LA. No one tells her she will be teaching a class of kids with attitudes, social problems and no interest to learn. She has to resort to trickery to get the kids attention using karate, music for poetry, and giving them all and A to start with. Lou Anne is not like the other teachers of this class, she's able to reach out to the students who need her. Callie (Bruklin Harris), is a smart girl who's pregnant that Lou Anne tries to keep in school. Emilio (Wade Dominquez) is a macho type who would rather fight and get into trouble then reaching his full potential. Raul (Renoly Santiago) is one of her brightest kids in class but is afraid to show it cause he won't look cool. Who will survive the class the longest.

Buena Vista Pictures
Director: John N. Smith
Writer: Ronald Bass
Producers: Don Simpson, Jerry Bruckheimer
I viewed 4/08

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