Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Event (2002) R - 3 Stars

When a series of deaths keep occuring in New York's Chelsea district's gay community, Nick (Parker Posey) the D.A. starts an investigation. Many men with AIDS were suddenly dying under mysterious wraps. Since these deaths were happening at social gatherings, they appeared to be self induced and illegal. One such party was Matt (Don McKellar) who appeared to die of a drug overdose at a Manhatten party given by his good friends.

When Matt's medication is no longer working and he feels himself dwindling away, he wants to gather his closest friends and family members to his side where he can have one last "event" before ending his life. This way he can be an active member in his own wake. The event takes a personal and private look at these young men living with AIDS an intricate patchwork of relationships between what is right and wrong.

2003 - The Event - Atlantic Film Festival - Best Director
2003 - The Event - Outfest: Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - OUTstanding Actress in a Feature Film

Director: Thom Fitzgerald
Writers: Tim Marback, Thom Fitzgerald, Steven Hillyer
Producers: Bryan Hofbauer, Thom Fitzgerald
I viewed 12/06

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