Sunday, April 13, 2008

Evolution (2001) PG13 - 3½ Stars

I just recently watch this movie again after having not seen it in years and I still enjoyed it. Yeah it's got it's corny parts but it's still fun to watch a few times.

Wayne Green (Seann William Scott), wants to be a fireman and is out in the desert practicing on a burning building. An asteroid hits the earth in this small town city of Arizona. The authorities arrive and are anxious to hear why Wayne's car is destroyed. Ira Kane (David Duchovny) and his colleague Harry Block (Orlando Jones) are college professor at the local community college. Ira used to work for the government doing research and he and Harry are the first to arrive on the scene to analyze the rock. Samples brought back to their study show alien life forces evolving right before their eyes.

The military is called in to secure the zone led by Gen. Woodman (Ted Levine) who has a long standing grudge against Ira and takes the project away from him. The CDC's own clumsy expert Allison Reed (Julianne Moore) becomes involved. The aliens are evolving at such alarming rate threatening the city, Governor Lewis (Dan Aykroyd) must confront all the players to kill the invaders before it's too late. Allison has to decide which team is doing the best to resolve this issue and joins forces with Ira, Wayne and Harry and together with the help of some Head & Shoulders come out the true heroes.

Director: Ivan Reitman
Writers: Don Jakoby, David Diamond, David Weissman
Producers: Joe Medjuck, Ivan Reitman, Daniel Goldberg
I viewed 4/08

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